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Improvements: Feature


 No additions or modifications may be made to the lot or dwelling without prior written consent from the Advisory Committee. If painting, paint color must be approved IF changing colors. All additions and modifications must be of the same color and material as the existing structure to be considered. All temporary buildings, including detached storage buildings, are expressly prohibited.


Fences are permitted in the rear of the property, but must be approved in writing by the Advisory Committee prior to installation. Fences must be 5 feet tall and made of natural wood. Chain link fences are prohibited. To obtain approval, please provide the Advisory Committee with a request for a new fence, a copy of your lot survey and a description of the fence from the fence installer. The Advisory Approval link is on the main page of the website. A Decision will be made based on style, color and location of the fence.

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The Advisory Committee (AC) requests your support with compliance of Section 9.15 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Falcon Pointe.

The Committee’s view toward trash containers in support of Section 9.15 of the Covenants is that all trash containers other than the day of pickup must be concealed from view to any street.


Streetlights throughout Falcon Pointe are maintained by the HOA, If you notice a street light out or not working properly, Please complete/submit Repair Request form. 

Residents are responsible in ensuring that bushes, shrubs and trees are not blocking the photoelectric cell or blocking or altering lighting to  the sidewalk and or surrounding area.  Failure to comply will impact the safety and illumination for that area and is a violation.  Please help ensure our streetlights are operating properly.


Please contact this committee by completing the Online Form BEFORE you intend to make any improvements to your property. Submitting this form starts the approval process.  Gaining written approval is required prior to the start of any improvement. Failure to gain approval is a violation which can result in fines and additional cost to correct a violation.

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