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Dedicated to Serving the Community

Advisory Committee

The AC is comprised of Homeowner volunteers. They are responsible for assisting in reviewing applications for alterations to the exterior of a unit, such as decks, windows, and doors, so as to keep the architectural appearance of Falcon Pointe.  The AC welcomes any new members as openings become available.  If interested, please contact the HOA.

Facilities Committee (Pool and Clubhouse)

The FC is composed of Homeowner volunteers. They will be responsible with duties related to the Pool Complex (including the Clubhouse).  They provide regular visits and review of the pool to assure that the surrounding area and restrooms are clean and properly equipped. They also watch for trespassers, vandals, misbehavior and/or improper use of the pools. Safety is a primary concern, thus the committee will provide support in the form of enhancement to the complex.  During the swimming season, committee members regularly visit the pools night and day. Volunteers are always welcome.  

Officers: TeamMember
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